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My name is Yousouf, the voice behind Electric Scooter Safety Tips.
I have a passion for Electric scooters, which provide me with a convenient and Eco-friendly alternative to navigating busy streets.
Whether commuting to work, completing tasks, or leisurely riding, I enjoy my electric scooter.
Electric scooters offer me a fun and efficient way to get around.

About me



I’m Yousouf Mamdeen,

Based on the picturesque tropical island of Mauritius,

I work as an electrician in a private company. 

In my leisure hours, I immerse myself in DIY projects at home, and during the evenings,  dedicate my focus to content creation.

electric scooter safety tips
Electric Scooter Safety

Why We Ride

Freedom and Connection
Electric scooters serve as more than just a means of transportation; they accompany us on our journey.

They allow us to explore without boundaries, and to connect with nature and each other. Whether it’s a solo ride or a group adventure, the scooters become an extension of ourselves, a bridge between us and the world.

All of my blog features tips on safety

You will find safety tips, maintenance tools, and protective gear for traffic awareness.
I appreciate your presence, which has made this time memorable.


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